NCU Catalog - May 2016 
    Dec 06, 2022  
NCU Catalog - May 2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition & Fees

The Northcentral University Catalog includes the tuition and fees in effect at the time of publication.

Payment method/details must be on record prior to course registration (see Statement of Financial Responsibility , below).

Students utilizing tuition assistance programs are responsible for timely payment of tuition and fees to Northcentral University, and must recognize this may mean the student must pay the financial obligations to the University before receiving reimbursement from his/her tuition assistance source.

The University reserves the right to change tuition and fees as it deems necessary. Prepayment of the entire tuition for a program of study does not exclude a student from changes to tuition and fees.

Miscellaneous Program Fees

  • Official Transcript Fee is charged for each official transcript requested
  • Returned Check Fee is charged if a check is returned for non-sufficient funds.
  • Credit Card Declined Fee is charged if a charge to a credit card account is declined.

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.

Program Costs

The cost of the program may vary depending on how many credits are transferred into the program at Northcentral University and other factors that may apply such as leveling courses, repeated courses, start date, etc. The information listed below provides an estimated total cost (by program length). Please contact an Enrollment Advisor for further details at 866-776-0331.

As an online university, Northcentral University uses the total program tuition cost (which includes registration and graduation fees; and dissertation fees for doctoral students; plus the one-time per program Learning Management Fee) in its estimated cost of attendance calculation. Non-institutional grants and scholarships, Northcentral University affiliation preferred tuition rates, or any other forms of tuition reduction will affect the estimated cost of attendance calculation. Northcentral University does not include the room, board, textbook costs, transportation, childcare, or personal expenses in its calculation of the estimated cost of attendance.

Refund Policy

Students have the right to withdraw from the University at any time. Northcentral University team members who receive a request to withdraw from the University will process the request on behalf of the student, using the date they received the request as the Request Date.

Students may also be dismissed from the University for Non-Attendance, Non-Payment, lack of Satisfactory Academic Progress, or violation of the Code of Conduct or Academic Integrity policy. See the Administrative Dismissal  policy.

Dismissed or withdrawn students receiving Federal Financial Aid are subject to return of Title IV funds.

Meeting Financial Obligations

Northcentral University considers all financial obligations payable immediately, unless otherwise stated. Upon completion of the degree program, any outstanding financial balance is due and payable immediately. Northcentral University withholds certificates, diplomas, and transcripts and prohibits participation in the graduation ceremony and/or the conferring of a degree until all unpaid financial accounts have been satisfied.