NCU Catalog - May 2016 
    Jul 02, 2022  
NCU Catalog - May 2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Course Codes

 The following Administrative course codes do not contribute to the calculation of the GPA:

Code Explanation
DR (Dropped) This course code is assigned when a student cancels his/her participation in a course during the first week of the course session. Dropped courses do not appear on the student’s transcript. Students dropping a course are eligible for a full or partial refund in accordance with the University’s refund policy.
EXT (Extension) An EXT may be granted in rare extenuating circumstances. If a grade has been posted, once an extension is approved, the EXT code can replace that grade until a final grade is determined. An EXT is used for administrative purposes only and will be replaced by the final grade.
I (Incomplete) Grade In the event that an unforeseen circumstance threatens a student’s ability to complete a course by the course end date, the student may request an Incomplete Grade. Incomplete Grades may be approved by a faculty member if the student qualifies based on Northcentral University’s eligibility criteria. Faculty members are not obligated to approve an Incomplete Grade request and the faculty’s decision is final (not to be appealed). Students may be eligible for an “I” grade if:
  • The student has completed 75% of the course
  • The student is earning a passing grade in the course at the time the “I” grade is requested

Courses with CMP and DIS prefixes are not eligible for Incomplete Grades.

Students are required to adhere to University policies during the “I” grade extension period. These include but are not limited to:

  • Northcentral University’s Attendance Policy. Students are expected to continue participation and posting attendance throughout the “I” grade period.
  • Students may not be on a leave of absence (LOA) during the “I” grade extension period.
NG (No Grade)

The Offices of the Provost or Registrar authorize use of this code to indicate a student has been allowed to drop a course without academic penalty after the official 7-day drop period. An NG remains permanently on Northcentral records but does not appear on the student’s transcript. An NG may be granted in rare extenuating circumstances.

Reasons for granting an NG code and the name of the approving party must be fully documented in the student journal and on the NG Grade Form, which is retained in student records.

R (Retaken) An “R” grade is indicated on the transcript when the student repeats a course and the original grade awarded has been superseded by the later grade (see exceptions listed under Repeating Courses ).
W (Withdrawal)

The student has canceled participation in the course within the first 71% of the course duration. The last date to cancel and receive a “W” rather than a letter grade appears in Course Registration Information for each course.

A withdrawal may only be granted after the first 71% of the course duration if the student has a passing status in the course and the School Dean has given approval. A student may not withdraw from a course after the faculty member has submitted a grade or after the course end date.

Students must send requests to withdraw from a course to his/her Academic Advisor. Students withdrawing from a course within the first 7 days of a course session, regardless of course length, are eligible for a full refund. No refunds are given on the 8th or subsequent days of the course. If the student elects to repeat the course, full tuition for the retaken course will be charged.

WL (Withdrawal Military Leave) “WL” indicates that a student has taken a Leave of Absence due to Military Deployment before the course end date. Students returning from a Military Leave of Absence may continue in the course where left off without paying course tuition again. When completed, the “WL” will be replaced by the final academic performance grade.