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NCU Catalog - October 2017 
NCU Catalog - October 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Complaint Procedure

Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve all issues with their Academic and Finance Advisor. This procedure supports timeliness, quality, accountability, and ensures that the appropriate institutional levels are involved and resolve matters in an efficient and effective manner. Additionally, it allows those closest to the problem the ability extend the highest levels of support services.

Academic and Finance Advisors will coordinate and collaborate with required team members in pursuit of a student’s required response. This ensures that the process is in accordance with policy and reviewed by the necessary parties required to properly address the issue at the appropriate institutional level.

Expected Escalation Levels for Resolution

  1. First level - Academic and Finance Advisor/ Financial Services Advisor/ Faculty
  2. Second level - Academic Liaison /Associate Director of Student Services
  3. Third level - Director of Student Services/ Sr. Director of Student Services
  4. Fourth level - Ombudsman or Legal Affairs (depending on the nature of the issue)

    (Note: Dissertation Students are required to work through problems and concerns with their Committee Chair. If a student is unable to resolve an issue with the Chair regarding dissertation protocols, then the student may use these resolution methods.)
  5. Fifth level - Grievance

    Grievance: A grievance is a formal complaint that has not been resolved at other levels within the University. Resolution is viewed as being afforded due diligence and has been evaluated in accordance with ethics, academic integrity, policies, regulations, and laws. A grievance is not another channel of escalation in the case a decision was not made in the student’s favor.

    (Note: Appeals of final grades must use the appeal process defined in “Appealing a Final Grade” in the NCU Catalog. Review carefully the directives on appeals, as often the decisions of Deans in these matters are not grieve-able. Other Appeals include but are not limited to SAP, academic dismissal, administrative dismissal, and re-admission. Students should refer to the catalog for details on advancing these types of appeals.)

Grievance Evaluation

Formal grievances are reviewed by the Provost and are considered final. Students can file a grievance through their Academic and Finance Advisor if all other steps noted above have been attempted without appropriate resolution.

Students may not grieve the stated or published policy of NCU.

Students may file a complaint with the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. A compliance may be filed by writing (Complaint Form) or calling the Bureau’s Enforcement Section at the following address and telephone number:

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833
Telephone: (916) 431-6959
FAX: (916) 263-1897