NCU Catalog - October 2017 
    Feb 01, 2023  
NCU Catalog - October 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Notification of Verification

Applicants selected for verification will be notified via email notice of:

  • The documentation needed to satisfy the verification requirements
  • The student responsibilities with respect to the verification application information, including the deadlines for completing the process and the consequences of failing to complete the process
  • The notification methods if the award letter changes as a result of verification and the time frame for such notification
  • When the verification process is complete

The Financial Aid Office will provide a written verification notice to the student of the documents required to complete the process. The student must submit these documents to the Financial Aid Office in order to receive any Title IV aid for the award year.

Students cannot avoid the verification process by choosing to decline a Pell Grant or Subsidized Stafford loan, resulting in Unsubsidized Stafford funds only.

Submission of Verification Documents

In most cases a completed Verification Worksheet is sufficient to complete verification, when the student uses the IRS Data Retrieval Tool available when filling out the FAFSA online. As a practice, and unless the student is selected for the verification process, the Financial Aid Office does not request Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements with tax transcripts. W-2 forms are only requested when determining a separation of income, making a professional judgment, when the student is a nontax filer, and/or resolving conflicting data.

In the event the student has a qualified IRA rollover NCU will request a written statement from the tax filer indicating the amount of the distribution that was included in the IRA rollover.

A student must submit all verification documents by the earlier of 120 days after the last day of the student’s enrollment or by the deadline published in the Federal Register (generally at the end of September following the end of the award year). Verification is considered complete when all requested documentation has been received, all errors have been corrected, and a valid ISIR is on file.

If required verification documentation is not submitted by the deadline, the student will not be eligible for any Title IV aid for the period of time the selected ISIR was used to determine eligibility.

Once a student is no longer enrolled, he may still submit verification documentation (using the deadline above) and receive a late disbursement if, during the time he was enrolled, the U.S. Department of Education had processed an ISIR with an official Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If the EFC changes based on the documentation received, any Pell grant award will be based on the higher EFC. As a reminder if the student is a Pell Grant recipient, certain Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU) restrictions may apply.

Verification Exclusions

Applicants who fall into the following categories are exempt from the verification requirements unless there is conflicting data present in the file. Use of verification exclusions will be documented in the applicant’s record.

  • Spouse Unavailable – applicant’s data must still be verified according to other requirements
    • This exception is only for spousal data in which the:
      • Spouse is deceased or mentally incapacitated
      • Spouse is residing in a country other than the United States and cannot be contacted by normal means
      • Spouse cannot be located because his or her address is unknown and the applicant cannot obtain it
  • Parents Unavailable – applicant’s data must still be verified according to other requirements
    • This exception is only for parental data in which the:
      • Applicant’s parents are deceased or mentally incapacitated
      • Parents are residing in a country other than the United States and cannot be contacted by normal means
      • Parents cannot be located because their address is unknown and applicant cannot obtain it
  • Death of a student - if an interim disbursement has been made and the student dies before verification is completed, no further verification is required
    • No additional funds can be disbursed, including disbursement to any of the student’s beneficiaries
  • NCU re-verifies students who may have completed the verification process for the same award year while attending another institution
    • An exception is made for undergraduate students who transfer from Rio Salado Community College
  • Unsubsidized and/or PLUS funds – as these funds are not based on the EFC, verification is not required if these are the only awards and the student was not otherwise eligible for a Pell grant or Subsidized Stafford Direct loan
  • Not a Title IV Recipient – if a student will not be receiving federal student aid for reasons other than the failure to complete verification, verification is not required

If any of these exclusions apply, the appropriate documentation is maintained in the student’s file.