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NCU Catalog - April 2018 
NCU Catalog - April 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Procedure: Filing a Grievance

Responsibility Action
  1. Create a written document outlining your concerns and evidence to support your assertion. Submit this documentation to your advisor who will review and share as appropriate based on a review of each unique situation. Documentation should include:
    • The complaint;
    • Other methods of resolution that have been used unsuccessfully to resolve this issue;
    • Description of events leading to the grievance;
    • Remedy or resolution being requested.
Students are expected to allow for the due diligence of review and investigation to occur prior to submission of a follow-up or attempted escalation of the same problem.
Office of the Ombuds/
Legal Affairs
  1. A. If the issue requires an impartial review to determine possible solutions above and beyond the resources provided through other departments, the concern will be forwarded to the Ombudsperson or Legal Services to determine if additional parties at the functional level should participate in the review and resolution.
  1. B. If it is determined that further escalation is appropriate, they will assign an investigator and conduct an investigation.
  1. Contact the student to determine understanding of the matter and to attempt informal closure. If that is not possible, continue the investigation.
  1. Share results of the investigation with the Provost for review and judgment if required.
  1. Communicate the outcome to the individual within 20 days (including weekends)* via email or share the decision in a telephone call.
(Note: If execution of proper due diligence requires more than 20 days, the university will maintain regular contact with the student to ensure he/she is aware of the status of the investigation.)
  1. Provide copies of the communication to NCU departments as appropriate. Decisions made at this level are final and cannot be grieved or appealed.