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NCU Catalog - April 2018 
NCU Catalog - April 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Support Services


Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services is comprised of the following teams:

Admissions - This area makes the initial contact with interested parties and prospective students to explain NCU programs and systems of delivery. Admissions Advisors assist prospects through the application process. Please contact admissions@ncu.edu or 866-776-0331 for information.

Enrollment - This department provides final admissions support, evaluates transfer credits and prior coursework completed at other institutions prior to a student being accepted into the University, and has a primary goal of transitioning applicants into enrolled students. The Re-Entry Team is specifically geared towards re-enrollment of past graduates and non-completers of the University. Please contact 1-888-628-6911.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the official record-keeper of the University and is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of all academic records of current and former students. The Office provides for a variety of services to current and former students and external and internal constituencies. Responsibilities, assignments, and services include but are not limited to, reviewing, evaluating, and determining basis for admission; transfer credit evaluation and application; record maintenance; transcript processing; university withdrawal and dismissal; enrollment reporting; student record verifications; grade change processing; degree conferral, diploma processing, and guiding students through the publishing process of dissertations; policy management and catalog publication; and FERPA compliance. The official custodian of records at the University is the University Registrar. Additionally, Office of the Registrar leadership serves as a member of various University Committees.

Academic and Finance Advising

Academic and Finance Advisors, working in school-related teams, provide students with academic and financial support for their individual degree programs, and through frequent and scheduled contact with individual students, help support students as they matriculate through their program. Academic and Finance Advisors assist students with understanding policy and procedure that affect students’ academic experience as well as providing support with regards to the students’ financial account.  Information about contacting Academic and Finance Advisors is found on each Course Registration Information (CRI) issued upon registering a student in a course at NCU. The contact information for Academic and Finance Advisors is listed on the right hand side on NCUOne.

Disability/ADA Services

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, NCU assists qualified students with the opportunity to gain equal access to information and course contact through a process called academic accommodation. With the assistance of an academic accommodation (usually a time extension), a student who is otherwise qualified should be as successful as a student without a disability should see the Student Rights & Responsibilities  section for additional information.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) promotes effective teaching and enhanced student learning by encouraging and supporting faculty efforts to explore the teaching and learning process. Such explorations include the advancement of pedagogical skills, constructive feedback, and engagement, and the use of instructional technologies. Working in collaboration with other academic service units, the CTL promotes and strives to demonstrate excellence in service to all members of the NCU community.

Information on CTL is located on the home page of NCUOne. CTL provides students, faculty, and staff with information to aid in ensuring academic success of every student and providing faculty the necessary tools and resources to excel in teaching.

Academic Success Center (ASC)

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides personalized, collaborative support to help students build competence in written communication and quantitative reasoning. The ASC offers tiers of service to assist with providing an engaging and personalized experience that meets the unique learning needs of each member within NCU’s diverse community. The ASC encourages students to collaborate with coaches, peers, and various university stakeholders while building a graduate culture to support each student through program completion. Services offered by the ASC include support through written resources, Grammarly, APA Style CENTRAL, live chat, recorded coaching, live group coaching, and live one-to-one coaching.

ASC is accessible through NCUOne under CTL resources. It provides students with Academic coaches that are available via ASC Chat or through email at asc@ncu.edu

The Commons

The Commons is the internal virtual space for the NCU community – students, faculty, and team members – to meet, contribute, and share ideas and support outside of the Courseroom. The Commons gives you the opportunity to be directly connected to your NCU communities through NCUOne.

As an online university with the 1:1 teaching model it hasn’t been easy for our students and faculty to meet. The Commons was created to provide NCU students, faculty, and team members with an opportunity to connect and engage, virtually.

The Commons allows you to:

  • Follow various communities
  • Meet virtually your faculty and students
  • Share experiences and support
  • Read what others are doing and thinking
  • Receive school announcements
  • Follow conversations about issues in your field
  • Start a conversation on a topic of interest
  • Receive email  alerts when new activity occurs in the communities you belong in

NCU Library

The University Library is committed to supporting the academic research needs of current students, faculty, and staff. The Library does this by providing timely, quality information resources and services such as reference and instruction, and the inter-library loan service. The Library resources are an array of electronic resources available for students, faculty, and staff that have Internet accessibility. Students also have access to highly qualified and experienced Library staff.


Library services include:

  • Research Databases
    • Access to databases containing thousands of journals, magazines, newspapers, e-Books, dissertations, financial data, and other information resources are available in the Library
  • Inter-library Loan Service (ILL) 
    • Students needing articles, and book chapters not in the Library collection can submit an inter-library loan request
    • Students can register for the ILL service by clicking the “Request Inter-library Loan Items” link on the Library homepage
    • Students will need to utilize local libraries for print-only materials
  • Ask a Librarian
    • Students can receive library assistance by using the “Ask a Librarian” service
    • A link to the Ask a Librarian service is conveniently located at the top of the Library website; questions are answered promptly
  • Library Workshops
    • Students can attend live workshops
    • The workshops provide in-depth information about using library resources and services
    • A schedule of events is published on the Library site and student announcement area
    • Students can register for workshops from the Library Workshops Schedule area, or if attendance to an event is not possible, recorded workshops are available from the Learn the Library page
    • Students are strongly encouraged to attend or view a Library workshop prior to beginning coursework
  • Library Hours
    • Library staff are available Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Friday - Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Arizona time, excluding holidays

Students can contact the NCU Library by phone at 888-628-1569, by text at 928-550-6552,  by email at library@ncu.edu, or by visiting the Library homepage and using the Ask a Librarian feature. For more information regarding Library policies, students can go to the Library policies page.

Alumni Services

A graduate is a student who was awarded a degree from NCU. As graduates, NCU alumni have continued access to a number of journals and databases in the NCU Library. Other alumni services include:

  • Alumni Communities
  • Alumni Events
  • Distinguished Alumni Program
  • Higher Degrees Alumni Magazine
  • Student and Alumni Store

Further details about the NCU Alumni program can be found here. NCU does not offer job placement assistance and cannot guarantee job placement upon program/course completion or upon graduation.