May 24, 2024  
NCU Catalog - July 2021 (Amended) 
NCU Catalog - July 2021 (Amended) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NCU Transcripts

Official Transcripts

An official transcript is a copy of the student’s permanent academic record and is issued by the University Registrar. The transcript will include all courses completed and grades received while attending NCU. Official transcripts can be ordered at any time, however, degree information will not be provided until the degree has been conferred. The transcript will be signed and dated by the registrar, and display the NCU seal.

Official transcripts can be ordered by visiting NCU’s transcript ordering portal. The cost is $12.50 for each transcript. If a student needs an official transcript expedited, there will be an additional cost to the student.

Official transcripts are printed on blue security paper and contain the University name, address, and telephone contact information, the school logo, and are signed by the University Registrar or designee. All official electronic transcripts are processed through a secure third-party transcript servicer.

NOTE: In the event of a school closure, the University will work with the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education (BPPE) of California to ensure that a custodian of records is established at the time of the school closure. The designated custodian of records will be responsible for permanently preserving and managing the University’s student transcript records.

Unofficial Transcripts

An unofficial transcript is an uncertified copy of a student’s academic record and includes all courses completed and grades received while attending NCU. The unofficial transcript record is available free of charge to all students and alumni in good standing with the University by requesting it from the student or alumni web page.

The unofficial transcript is a document that is unsigned and carries no school logo. The unofficial transcript will contain the University name, address, and telephone contact information, and will be marked as an unofficial transcript issued to the student. A transcript legend page approved by the University Registrar is available as an optional printed page. All information fields are password protected and non-changeable. The University takes all necessary security measures to protect and secure the address, transcript status, course grades, and legend information.

Active students can download a copy of their unofficial transcripts from the NCUone portal. Inactive students or alumni can request an unofficial transcript from the Office of the Registrar – Form Center. A paper copy of the unofficial transcript is not available to be mailed to students or alumni.

Transcripts for Closed Schools

NCU is the custodian of records for the schools and programs listed below.  If you attended one of these schools and would like to request an official transcript, click on the school name to be redirected to the transcript ordering portal for that institution: