May 23, 2024  
National University Volume 86B-2 Catalog - April 2024 
National University Volume 86B-2 Catalog - April 2024

Restrictions and Prohibitions on Use and Access

Communications and Internet access should be conducted in a responsible and professional manner reflecting the University’s commitment to honest, ethical, and non-discriminatory practices. In furtherance of these goals and to ensure the security of institutional, faculty, and student information, the following restrictions and prohibitions apply:

  • Never share your logon ID and/or password with any other person. No internal department or team member including IT and HR, should ask for a user’s logon ID credentials (username / password)
  • Do not reveal University network or system access passwords to others, including family, friends, or other members of the household when working from home or remote locations
  • Do not access a computer account that belongs to another team member, faculty member, student or department
  • Use only your assigned logon ID and password; you are responsible for all activity under your logon ID
  • Report any known or suspected compromise of your logon ID to the University Information Technology Department
  • Anytime team members leave their desks/work area, they shall lock their desktop/PCs (in windows cntrl+alt+delete and press enter)
  • Unauthorized attempts to circumvent data security schemes; identify or exploit security vulnerabilities; or decrypt secure data are prohibited
  • Attempting to monitor, read, copy, change, delete or tamper with another user’s electronic communications, email, files or software is prohibited
  • Knowingly or recklessly running or installing (or causing another to run or install) a program (such as a “worm” or “virus”) intended to damage or place an excessive load on a computer system or network is prohibited
  • Forging the source of electronic communications, altering system data used to identify the source of messages or otherwise obscuring the origination of communications is prohibited
  • Any use that violates federal, state, or local law or regulation is expressly prohibited
  • Knowing or reckless interfering with the normal operation of computers, peripherals or networks is prohibited
  • Deliberately wasting computer resources, including bandwidth, disk space, and printer paper, or running or installing games or other unauthorized software on institutional computers is prohibited
  • Using the institution network to gain unauthorized access to any computer system is prohibited
  • Downloading University information, especially University confidential information, onto any external hard drive, disk, or other storage device is prohibited, unless specifically for work purposes
  • Performing any of the following is prohibited: port scanning, security scanning, network sniffing, keystroke logging, or other IT information gathering techniques when not part of user’s job function
  • Any use of the University Web sites for product advertisement, except those endorsed by the University, is prohibited
  • Any use of the University Web sites for political lobbying is prohibited
  • All communications accessible via the University Web sites, such as the Bulletin Board, Discussion Forums and any other communication tools, will reflect professionalism, respect for others and appropriate language