May 23, 2024  
National University Volume 86B-2 Catalog - April 2024 
National University Volume 86B-2 Catalog - April 2024

MLOA Criteria & Process

Leave Duration

By default, all students requesting a Military Leave of Absence are granted the longest possible leave without exceeding 180 days beyond their assignment end date. The Academic and Finance Advisors ensure that the MLOA return date coincides with a valid course start date, and contact students on Military Leave of Absence within 30 days after the end of their deployment to confirm or adjust the timing of their return as needed.

Courses in Progress

Students going on military leave are given a WL grade for all in-progress courses. Such MLOA students are considered in Leave status.

Satisfactory Academic Progress is not negatively affected by a WL grade. In addition, time away while on an approved MLOA is not counted in the calculation of a student’s maximum timeframe for their program if the student has been continuously enrolled and is in good standing.

A Student Records Specialist will document the students file and send an exit email that includes the following:

  • Order expiration date
  • Return date deadline
  • Current catalog version
  • Current tuition track
  • Current program and specialization

Return from Leave

Students who fail to return to their program within 180 days will be administratively withdrawn from their program. If the student wishes to return to the program after the deadline they will be placed in the current program version and tuition will be charged at the current track.

Students that return within 60 days of the expiration of orders will be compassionately re-entered into their program.

Students returning outside of 60 days may submit updated orders that list the continuation.

Students will be re-entered into:

  • Same Program
  • Catalog Version
    • The original degree plan will be updated to reflect any changes due to course retirement.
    •  If a failed course is unable to be retaken due to retirement, a suitable substitution will be scheduled
  • Tuition track
    • Students will be charged at the current tuition pricing for the track they were on when they left.

Students who do not vest into the 8th day of the returning course or the15th day for term-based JFK School of Law at National University programs immediately following the date of return from leave will be administratively withdrawn from the University. It is the responsibility of the student to work with their Academic and Finance Advisor to begin a course on or before the date specified as the date of return from leave.

Service Leave Types and Reasons

  • Active Duty or Veteran support as needed (ex: medical or personal emergencies)
  • Boot Camp
  • Department of Defense (example: nurses in combat zones)
  • Deployment (This may be in excess of one calendar year)
  • National Guard
  • PCS (Permanent Change of Station; transfer of permanent duty station)
  • Reservist
  • Restricted duty (Service members may serve in areas where access to online communication is restricted or unavailable)
  • Separation from service
  • Special missions
  • TDY (Temporary duty assignment, which could be for military training, school or medical evaluation)
  • Technical School
  • Written Requests from Commanding Officer