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NCU Catalog - June 2017 
NCU Catalog - June 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty Assignment Disclosure Policy

NCU makes every effort to recruit the highest caliber of faculty available in their field of scholarship and assesses on a regular basis the standard of instruction provided by each individual faculty member. When enrolling for a course, students will be assigned an appropriate faculty member from the pool of instructors available; and a choice of instructor will not usually be possible. Similarly, faculty teaching research courses and acting as Chair of a Dissertation Committee will be decided by School Deans on the basis of appropriate qualifications and availability; however, in this circumstance, students are encouraged to approach faculty whom they would like to have serve on their Dissertation Committee and they to make requests for such assignments through their Academic and Finance Advisor. In these situations, students may express preferences for particular faculty members by consulting with their Academic and Finance Advisor, but the University has final authority over all teaching assignments.