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NCU Catalog - April 2018 
NCU Catalog - April 2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teaching, English Second Language (ESL) Specialization, MA

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Master of Arts in Teaching

Description of Program

Aligned with the standards of The Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (In TASC), the MAT degree is ideal for the student who seeks educator preparation to support the learning and development of PK12 populations. Students in the MAT program will choose an area of specialization from one of eight areas of Curriculum and Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Reading Education, Special Education, E-learning, Sports Management, Athletic Coaching, or English as a Second Language. The MAT is a progressive program that prepares students to meet the growing nationwide need across PK12 learning communities for qualified and prepared educators.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply human development theories to instructional methods supporting developmentally appropriate and academically challenging learning experiences for students
  • Create collaborative environments through instructional methods supporting active learning and student self-direction
  • Evaluate instructional and assessment practices ensuring student mastery of the content
  • Adapt multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth and provide data to support continuous program improvement
  • Design cross-disciplinary curriculum and instruction supporting student attainment of learning goals
  • Model ethical behavior in all aspects of the profession

Basis for Admission

Admission to an NCU Master’s program requires a conferred bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited academic institution or an international institution that is determined to be equivalent through an approved evaluation service. In addition, the MAT program requires a completion of an alternative teacher certification program.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) requires 33 credit hours for degree completion, including the successful completion of an approved alternative certification prior to admission to the MAT program. Graduates of the Teacher Ready alternative certification program receive 9 credit hours toward the MAT degree, and graduates from other alternative certification programs may be considered, pending transcript review. Students who are considering any degree program are strongly encouraged to check specific state requirements carefully to be sure any degree program they consider will be accepted for purposes of certification or recertification, promotion, or advancement on school district salary schedules.

The MAT program includes 12 credit hours of foundational courses. The foundational courses are taken by all students regardless of their undergraduate degree or form of certification in order to strengthen fundamental skills. The next 9 credit hours in the program encapsulate a specialization aligned with a student’s career goals and interests. Students end the program with a 3 credit-hour capstone course.

The MAT degree program has the following graduation requirements:

  • A minimum of 24 credit hours of graduate instruction in education must be completed through NCU
  • Successful completion of any MAT core course signature assignment with a grade of “B” or better
  • Official transcripts on file for all transfer credits accepted by the University

Time to Completion

NCU allows 5 years to complete the 33 credit hour MAT program.

Estimated time to completion for this program is 18 months.

Time to completion varies depending upon the pace in which a student completes courses and the number of transfer credits accepted. As most Northcentral students are working adults balancing educational, professional, and personal commitments, our academic advisors will work with you to develop a program schedule that works best for your needs.

Students who are unable to complete a degree program within the stated time limits are dismissed. If a student believes they have extenuating circumstances they may document the circumstances and send a request for consideration to their respective School Dean or designee. Exceptions to the policy are determined on a case-by-case basis and are granted only once.

English as a Second Language Specialization

As the diversity of student populations change globally, teaching English as a second language is a skill in high demand. This program enhances skills in communicating with speakers of other languages and integrating techniques to successfully instruct students in English proficiency. (Note: students seeking ESL/ESL certification should verify with appropriate state officials that this specialization meets applicable certification requirements.)

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