NCU Catalog - May 2016 
    Jul 02, 2022  
NCU Catalog - May 2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Continuous Enrollment

All students are required to maintain continuous enrollment as defined below:

Initial Course Participation: For each course for which a student is registered, the student must enter the course room and agree, when prompted, to participate in the course and accept financial responsibility for the course. Failure to agree to the prompt within the first 7 days will render the course unavailable to the student. The course will then automatically be dropped, and a “DR” grade will be issued.

Program Attendance: To comply with continuous enrollment, students must be officially recorded in attendance at least once every 28 consecutive calendar days or they will be dismissed from the University.

Doctoral Candidates in Dissertation Sequence: Doctoral candidates are encouraged to remain continuously enrolled throughout the dissertation sequence. However, a maximum one-week break between dissertation courses is allowed. If a candidate exceeds this one week break, they will be dismissed from the University.

Student Services monitors continuous enrollment for each student and the Office of the Registrar will administratively dismiss a student on the 29th day after their last date of attendance. Notification by the Academic Advisor does not need to occur for dismissal to take place.