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NCU Catalog - December 2016 
NCU Catalog - December 2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Procedure: Responding to Alleged Violations of Code of Conduct

Responsibility Action
Faculty and/or Team Members
  1. When an alleged violation occurs, complete the Suspected Code of Conduct form and forward it to the Dean of the appropriate School.
  1. Review the Suspected Code of Conduct Violation Form and supporting documentation. Within 5 days of receiving Investigation Report and materials, authorize one of the following subsequent courses of actions as appropriate.
  • The issue is not substantiated,
  • Take no action.
  • The issue proved substantiated but does not warrant a formal charge (NCU has an official Warning Letter),
  • Send a Warning Letter to alert the offender that continued or similar behavior in the future may result in a formal charge of violation of the Code.
  • The issue is proved substantiated and warrants a formal charge due to the seriousness and/or repeat violations (NCU has an official Charging Letter),
  • Send a Charging Letter to inform the offender of the charge.
  • Send communication in hard copy, by Compass Message or NCU email, and by personal email if available.
  • Provide the policy, details of the offense, and rebuttal directions.
  1. If you choose to respond to the Charging Letter, you must do so within 10 days of the date of the Charging Letter:
  • Response must be in writing to the Dean.
  • Response should include details regarding your position on the charge(s) as specified in the letter
  • If the individual would like to address the Student Code of Conduct Committee, that desire must be stated in writing along with a contact telephone number.
  • The individual will have the 10 minutes before the Committee meets to state his or her position verbally. (The time is not intended for open discussion but the individual should be prepared to answer questions posed by the Committee in clarifying the events.)
  • Once completed, the call will be terminated and the Committee will discuss.
Code of Conduct Committee
  1. Evaluate relevant documentation and render a final decision in writing, including the appropriate sanction(s).
  1. Write a letter to the individual informing him/her of the outcome and have it delivered in hard copy, by Compass Message or NCU email, and by personal email if available.
  1. Place a copy of the notification letter in the student record and send copies to the Registrar and Office of Legal Affairs.
  1. Notify the appropriate area(s) to ensure the Committee’s decision is enforced.

DECISION IS FINAL: All Committee decisions are final and there are no additional appeal provisions.

IF Committee determines: THEN:
  • Expulsion is the appropriate sanction for the behavior,
  • Automatically escalate the recommendation for a second review to Executive Team.