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NCU Catalog - July 2022 
NCU Catalog - July 2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Procedure: Responding to Alleged Violations of Code of Conduct

Responsibility Action
University Community Member (i.e., students, staff, faculty)
  • When an alleged violation occurs, complete the Suspected Code of Conduct form and forward it to the Dean of the appropriate School.
  • Review the Suspected Code of Conduct Violation Form and supporting documentation. Within 5 days of receiving Investigation Report and materials, authorize one of the following subsequent courses of actions as appropriate.
  • The issue is not substantiated
  • Take no action
  • The issue proved substantiated but does not warrant a formal charge (NCU has an official Warning Letter)
  • Send a Warning Letter to alert the offender that continued or similar behavior in the future may result in a formal charge of violation of the Code
  • The issue is proved substantiated and warrants a formal charge due to the seriousness and/or repeat violations (NCU has an official Charging Letter)
  • Send a Charging Letter to inform the offender of the charge
  • Send communication in hard copy, by Compass Message or NCU email, and by personal email if available
  • Provide the policy, details of the offense, and rebuttal directions
  • Substantiated conduct violations at University-sponsored events (i.e., commencement ceremony, dissertation boot camps, etc.) or University run social media engagement platforms (i.e., The Commons, Alumni Association app, etc.) may result in removal of access and/or ability to participate
  • Respond to the reporting party to confirm the concerns are being addressed (to remain compliant with FERPA, NCU does not release the specific actions taken)
  • If you choose to respond to the Charging Letter, you must do so within 10 days of the date of the Charging Letter:
    • Response must be in writing to the Dean
    • Response should include details regarding your position on the charge(s) as specified in the letter
    • If the individual would like to address the Student Code of Conduct Committee, that desire must be stated in writing along with a contact telephone number
    • The individual will have the 10 minutes before the Committee meets to state their position verbally (Note: the time is not intended for open discussion but the individual should be prepared to answer questions posed by the Committee in clarifying the events.)
    • Once completed, the call will be terminated and the Committee will discuss
Code of Conduct Committee
  • Evaluate relevant documentation and render a final decision in writing, including the appropriate sanction(s)
  • Write a letter to the individual informing them of the outcome and have it delivered in hard copy, by Compass Message or NCU email, and by personal email if available
  • Place a copy of the notification letter in the student record and send copies to the Office of the Registrar
  • Notify the appropriate area(s) to ensure the Committee’s decision is enforced

DECISION IS FINAL: All Committee decisions are final and there are no additional appeal provisions

IF Committee determines: THEN:
  • Expulsion is the appropriate sanction for the behavior
  • Automatically escalate the recommendation for a second review to Executive Team or Provost