National University Volume 85-2 (Formerly NCU) - November 2022 
    Feb 06, 2023  
National University Volume 85-2 (Formerly NCU) - November 2022

Senior Administration

National University System Administration           National University Administration 

Dr. Michael R. Cunningham

Chancellor, The National University System

Ms. Sandra Best 

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources 

Mr. Chris Graham 

Vice Chancellor, External Relations 

Dr. Dave C. Lawrence 

Vice Chancellor, Finance 

Dr. Nancy Rohland-Heinrich 

President, Pre-College Programs 

Mr. Jay Goin 

President, NUS Online


Dr. Mark Milliron 
President and CEO, National University 

Dr. Nancy Rohland-Heinrich 
Senior Vice President, External Relations 

Mr. Christopher Russo 
Chief of Staff 

Dr. John Cicero 
Interim Provost 

Dr. Joseph Hoey 
Vice Provost, Academic Services 

Dr. James Billings 
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Eugene Wilkerson 
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Lisa Hutton 
Dean, College of Law and Professional Studies 

Dr. Alvin McLean 
Dean, JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences

Dr. Robert Lee 
Dean, Sanford College of Education 

Dr. Nicole Polen-Petit 
Dean, School of Arts, Letters and Sciences 

Dr. Eric Roe 
Dean, School of Business and Economics 

Dr. Wittney Jones 
Dean, School of Health Professions 

Dr. Robert Sapp 
Dean, School of Technology and Engineering 

Ian Cooper 
Senior Vice President Operations 

Jennifer Whalen 
Vice President, Student Operations 

Jorge Salas Lizarraga 
Vice President, Registrar and Academics 

Meg O’Grady 
Senior Vice President, Military Affairs