National University Vol. 2 (Formerly NCU) - November 2022 
    Feb 01, 2023  
National University Vol. 2 (Formerly NCU) - November 2022

Academic Maximum Time to Completion

NCU requires students to complete all degree or certificate program requirements within specific time limits as outlined in the Catalog to be eligible for graduation. Students who do not complete their degree or certificate program within the required time limits may be academically dismissed from the University. The program completion guidelines outline the maximum time frames allotted to students and do not supersede the obligation to maintain satisfactory academic progress through the student’s program of study. Program completion deadlines are calculated based on the first date of attendance in the student’s program. In extenuating circumstances, with accompanying documentation, Deans may approve an extension to the academic maximum time frame. Approved extensions may not exceed the requirements to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Program Type Academic Maximum Time Frame
Bachelor’s Degrees 180 attempted credit hours
Paralegal Certificate 2 years
Master’s Degrees - 36 credit hours or less 5 years
Master’s Degrees - More than 36 credit hours 6 years
Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master’s Certificates 2 years
Education Specialist Degree (EdS) 5 years
Doctoral Degrees - 60 credits hours or less 7 years
Doctoral Degrees - More than 60 credit hours 8 years