Mar 31, 2023  
NCU Catalog - June 2017 
NCU Catalog - June 2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Provisional Basis for Admission

Provisional basis for admission may be granted to prospective students pending receipt of official transcripts or other equivalent official documentation including program-specific requirements. A student who is admitted on a provisional basis is only granted Official Basis for Admission  once all official documentation has been received by NCU. Students who are provisionally admitted to a program are not eligible to receive financial aid until documentation has been provided and official basis for admissions has been met.

The following documentation must be submitted for a prospective student to be considered on a provisional basis for admissions:

  • Unofficial transcript with a degree conferral statement that cannot be verified through National Student Clearinghouse (NSC)

– OR –

  • Unofficial or official transcript without degree conferral statement

– AND –

  • A signed attestation of conferral

Note: Students who provide an attestation of conferral for a degree conferral date that has not yet occurred are not permitted to attend courses until official documentation is received.

Provisional Basis for Admission Deadlines

Students who are granted provisional basis for admission must provide required official documentation for Official Basis for Admission  within 90 days of their first date of attendance in an NCU course.

The University will administratively dismiss students who do not provide the required official documentation prior to the 91st day of enrollment unless they are currently in a course Students who are actively attending a course will be dismissed after the course ends.

Students who have been administratively dismissed for failure to provide official documentation within the allotted time frame will not be allowed to reenter the University until all official documentation has been provided.